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The Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) was able to seriously upgrade following the Army’s approval to lead full-rate production and fielding of the Win-T Increment 2.

These improvements make it possible for Army personnel “can access the network from the moment they climb on board a C-17, parachute out, establish early-in operation, secure the area and begin their mission.”

This advanced capability adds a level of safety in addition to providing real-time information and allowing commanders to stay informed.

The WIN-T has been labeled the “digital guardian angel” because it reduces putting the number of Army personnel in danger while allowing a full-functioning, cyber-secure system.

The WIN-T has already been used by soldiers in the Middle East, Korean Peninsula, and in West Africa. It has also been utilized in Army training centers across the country. Since it has been used by thousands of soldiers already, improvements based on their experiences have already gone into effect. System communication, technologies to reduce functionality size, and overall costs have been addressed due to the feedback of soldiers who have already used the WIN-T.

These system updates will allow those in command to implement the full force of the Army to accomplish security and force protection through the strategic and tactical differentiation.