ISIS Attacks Baghdad Killing 12

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ISIS Attacks Baghdad Killing 12


It was reported by security and medical sources this morning that at least 12 people have been killed in an attack carried out by an Islamic State group.

The attack involved a car bomb, a gunfight, and hostage activity. The chain of events are still unclear, but the strategy behind the attack was posted by ISIS in a statement online. The terrorist group claims the attacks transitioned away from the jihadist organization’s typical suicide car bombings. Multiple sources have reported that at least one of the attacker’s was wearing a suicide vest and blew himself up during the attack.

People were also held hostage inside of the mall where three of them were killed as security forces tried to gain control of the area. Two security personnel were also killed in the standoff while nine others were wounded. It is still not clear how the standoff ended, but security forces are in full control.

ISIS stated that the attack was carried out by “four soldiers of the caliphate” targeting Shiites. Originally, ISIS claimed that 90 people had been killed and/or wounded, but the exaggeration in reporting of the number of casualties seems to be a common practice.

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