Venture Debt – Is it the Right Type of Funding for My Company?

//Venture Debt – Is it the Right Type of Funding for My Company?

Venture Debt – Is it the Right Type of Funding for My Company?


There are many forms of financing available to companies looking for a way to fund a government contract or expand their business. Traditional funding vehicles may include bank loans, venture capital or angel investors. McKeon Group now provides an additional funding vehicle for companies – Venture Debt.

A compliment to traditional forms of financing, venture debt is structured as a short term financial solution providing senior term loans, equipment financing or working capital during the rapid-growth phase of the company.

Typically, venture debt is secured by a companies assets, revenue streams, intellectual property or specific types of equipment. Overall, venture debt can be less costly than equity fiancing when the loan is structured appropriately.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide a complete set of services to our clients including consulting, marketing services, and most recently funding,” Howard McKeon, McKeon Group COO, stated. “Our clients now have the tools to make an impact and reach their long term growth objectives.”

Here are some of the benefits of venture debt financing:


  • Venture debt is a complement to other forms of financing. It typically provides capital for the growth phase of the company ahead of the next valuation event. It also minimizes the dilution that occurs using traditional venture capital.
  • Loan approval is typically much quicker then traditional bank lending.
  • Loans are structured to amortize quickly – usually 6-36 months.
  • Venture debt provides the flexibility to structure loans that map to the objectives of the business.

Venture debt lending from McKeon Group provides a unique financing alternative. McKeon Group can now leverage its consulting/lobbying experience and combine it with the flexibility of venture debt financing to help clients qualify for opportunities and fund those opportunities to reach their critical milestones.

For more information regarding funding alternatives, please contact Howard McKeon at

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