How To Prepare For the End of the Federal Fiscal Year

//How To Prepare For the End of the Federal Fiscal Year

How To Prepare For the End of the Federal Fiscal Year


July means just three more months until the end of the Federal fiscal year on September 30. Traditionally, Federal agencies have spent an overweighted 40% of their allocated budgets (roughly $180 Billion of an annual $440 Billion spend on products and services) during this final quarter. Thus, we at McKeon Group encourage our clients to buckle down and pay close attention to this quarter’s wave of contracting opportunities. Here’s how:

  • Most Federal agencies post their requests for information (RFI) and requests for proposals (RFP)<>. Register with your email for free and you can set basic keyword or industry-specific searches for daily alerts. McKeon Group government contracting services offers expert proposal writing services at an hourly or project cost which minimizes your strain and increases your potential to win.
  •<> is a searchable list of contracts awarded to you and your competitors. We recommend targeting contracts that will be recompeted within the next 12-18 months. McKeon Group will help your company create a corporate federal win strategy and we will implement specific win tactics for each potential recompete or RFP.
  • Research, research, research. McKeon Group has an excellent partnership with<> which offers a free two week trial. We recommend you try this useful USASpending & FBO hybrid once you’re comfortable with what you’re looking for. McKeon Group can also draft a three year public sector business development plan for you, and implement it with gusto and tenacity.
  • Having determined that federal contracting is within your means, visit one of 300 nationwide Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) in order to register to do business with the government. PTACs are funded by your tax dollars, so best to take advantage of those initial resources first:

Government contracting is not for every company. Not every company that wants to do government contracting is truly fit for such either. Devote some of your time and resources to the sites mentioned above. If you could earn 1% of the federal spend in your category, would it be worth it to you to try? The opportunity is yours to explore. Call us when you’re ready.

Elvis Oxley – Managing Director
McKeon Group
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