Chairman’s Corner – September 2016

//Chairman’s Corner – September 2016

Chairman’s Corner – September 2016

For many, the Labor Day holiday signifies the unofficial end of the summer season. It is when taboo rules regarding fashion are instituted. It is when families and friends gather to fire up the barbecue for the last time. It is a day students look forward to as an early break from school and classroom responsibilities.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.57.07 PMWhile Labor Day does provide many of us with some time off from the daily grind, I hope all of us take a moment to celebrate the opportunities we, as Americans, have to work and enjoy the blessings that come as a result of our freedom.

Labor Day was originally created to celebrate the American labor movement, essentially showing appreciation to the American worker for their resiliency, strength, and contributions to the overall well-being of our country. I’m grateful for the early contributions of American workers and also that I have been able to work and provide for my family in professions that have been both challenging and fulfilling.

I recognize that my ability to pursue any career that I choose is a direct result of the rights and freedoms outlined by our Founding Fathers and subsequently defended by the brave men and women in service. I am both humbled and thankful for their sacrifice and I hope we will all take a minute to thanks those who have or are currently serving for their courageous work.

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