How McKeon Group Combats Unemployment

//How McKeon Group Combats Unemployment

How McKeon Group Combats Unemployment

As we leave the 2016 Labor Day holiday behind, McKeon Group is excited that it continues to expand its expertise across the Federal spectrum and offerings to current and prospective clients.

With the recent additions to McKeon Group, we are now even more capable of leveraging Chairman McKeon’s leadership and experience not just in the national security arena, but in the areas of small business, renewable energy, employment services, and targeted workforce training.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.35.07 PMWith an annual budget of nearly $10,000,000,000 for employment and training programs, specifically, the Labor Department is principally responsible for monitoring and reporting to the American public on the state of affairs with the Nation’s workforce and employment situation. The latest unemployment report announced an increase of 151,000 in payroll employment, while the unemployment rate unchanged at 4.9%. It’s certainly a welcomed and reassuring report given the Nation’s slow crawl out of the days of the so-called “Great Recession”.

However, these reports exclude from any economic consideration what remains an historic high of over 94,000,000 capable Americans who have simply stopped looking for work. This particular statistic is a truly a sobering assessment of an economy that is still severely depressed, which then has the unfortunate effect of adding further burden to our national debt.

These unemployment figures have become encumbered with too many variables, too many caveats, and too many qualifiers that undermine, if not wholly ignore, the exhibitive pride and genuine entrepreneurial spirit of America’s small business community. It’s been said that states are laboratories of innovation.

With McKeon Group’s many years’ of experience and leadership in this field, including in-depth knowledge of the Government’s regulatory agenda that immediately impacts your fiscal “bottom line”, we stand ready to support the fundamental mission of these programs, to assist State and local employment and job training providers in forming partnerships with private industry to leverage their ingenuity and initiative, with the shared goal of positively effecting career advancement, job placement, earnings impact and ultimately economic growth for the communities and states in which these programs are effectively executed.

This includes complementing or adding to current program offerings that have the primary focus of assisting our Nation’s service men/women who are separating and need employment assistance to successfully engage the civilian workforce.

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