Meet Howard D. McKeon

//Meet Howard D. McKeon

Meet Howard D. McKeon

Howard McKeon leads the McKeon Group as Chief Operating Officer, SVP. As an accomplished private sector business development, marketing, and operations executive, he brings an unparalleled level of strategic proficiency to the firm.

The group relies on his leadership and management abilities to foster significant results for clients.

“McKeon Group prides itself on being responsive, reliable, and results-oriented, which is a pattern I have followed in my own professional life,” Howard said. “I respond to our clients regardless of the circumstances. Clients can rely on my word as I only promise what I know can be delivered. Lastly, I make sure to find a way to meet and exceed the results and goals of our clients.”

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-2-36-56-pmHoward was a Vice President of SprintNextel where he was integral in the merger between Sprint and Nextel. As an executive for Sprint, Howard managed over 1,500 people and was responsible for $1.2 billion in revenue. His primary focus was on directing all activities in marketing, finance, operations, human resources and communications for his region. One of the most important contributions Howard made during his time at Sprint was the complete integration of the Sprint affiliates. Prior to the merger, there were independently-managed affiliates that Howard successfully united into the Sprint organization.

“During my time at Sprint, I learned how to effectively identify a common goal, bring groups together, create a common vision, and ultimately move forward to achieve business objectives,” Howard said. “This experience provided me with the preparation and knowledge necessary to help our clients at McKeon Group.”

Howard also worked as Vice President of Next Student where he led the business development team. Howard was able to introduce NextStudent to the medical and private financial industries to help with employment and recruiting.

“Because of the federal regulations that were introduced to the student loan industry during my time at NextStudent, it motivated me to find a way to help businesses navigate the Hill,” Howard explained. “The experience I had at NextStudent continues to motivate me to help our clients meet their goals.”

Successfully transitioning to a third industry in his career, Howard took on the role of Chief Operations Officer of Cota Cole LLP. There he managed the growth and development of several offices within California, placing an emphasis on marketing the firm as well as on standardization of policies and procedures.

“The experience at Cota Cole LLP gave me the impetuous to help small businesses, or any company, grow their business,” Howard said. “Getting a start-up off the ground can be a grind, but when a solid foundation is formed, a company can prosper.”

Shortly after his time at BYU, Howard entered the private sector working for America’s Bootmaker. This experience in retail is what ultimately drove him to one day start his own business and work with his father.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with my Dad since I was a small child,” Howard explained. “From stocking shelves to managing Howard and Phil’s distribution as an employee for US Shoe (America’s Bootmaker), I always envisioned having the opportunity to work with my Dad again. McKeon Group has made that dream a reality.”

As he developed his career in a number of industries coupled with his time spent working for the “family business,” Howard also maintained a consulting firm where he strategized and executed business plans for both the educational and defense industries.

Howard, a native of California, resides in Washington DC with Heather Gale McKeon, his wife of nearly thirty years. Together they’ve reared four children: Carlie, Derek, Rylee, and Kirk. Howard studied finance at Brigham Young University after completing a two-year religious mission in Portugal.

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