Chairman’s Corner – December 2016

//Chairman’s Corner – December 2016

Chairman’s Corner – December 2016

I have been impressed by how hard the President-Elect works. He did not let up during the election, and that pattern has seemed to continue.

29906170001_5205688407001_5205691916001-vsIt appears as if the transition team has worked around the clock. They have almost completed all of the submissions for the cabinet, as well as appointed other leadership positions. It suggests, to me, that this administration will hit the ground running in an effort to “Make American Great Again.”

Many have voiced their opinions surrounding the nominees. I believe that the President-Elect has done a fine job selecting individuals that excel in their roles. I am more impressed by the President-Elect’s ability to concentrate on who is best for the job, rather than focusing on who makes the most “political sense.” That is a favorable move over what we have seen in the past.

I had the opportunity to work with a number of the nominees while in Congress. I know firsthand that a number of the nominees were outstanding in how they performed in their previous roles. As we worked together on a professional level, I saw how these individuals effectively lead and witnessed just how dedicated they are to their designated fields. The nominees are knowledgeable and, I believe, will conduct their business in a way that benefits the American people.

To date, the President-Elect has done a sound job of administrating. I am anxious to see what this administration accomplishes.


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