The Importance of a Data-driven Legislative Strategy

//The Importance of a Data-driven Legislative Strategy

The Importance of a Data-driven Legislative Strategy

The McKeon Group has the unique ability to support our client’s needs through our data-driven legislative strategies built and implemented by our government affairs team.

The payoff you get from using data and analytics is that you always have statistical support to reaffirm your strategy. Successful case studies continue to support and reassure research suggesting that when companies use data and analytics in their strategy planning, they can deliver productivity and successful gains that are 5 to 6 percent higher than those of the competition.

Data-driven businesses are not only going to exist in the future but rather are benefiting organizations planning processes today. Better predictions and clearer understanding of which Members of Congress are champions of a specific issue have shown continuous value time and time again for the McKeon Group. The answer is to develop a plan not only engaging Members of a certain committee, but rather champions of the issue that may exist outside of the relevant committees and leveraging that knowledge to broaden the support for a specific issue.

It may sound obvious, but in our experience the missing step for most other government affairs shops is spending the time required to create a simple plan for how data, analytics and people can come together to create quantitative value with qualitative support. The power of a plan is that it provides a common understanding between the McKeon Group and its clients where the greatest returns will come from and, more important, to select the two or three approaches to get started on such a strategy.

A plan implementing and integrating data is essential for success on Capitol Hill. Congressional offices are buried in information that’s constantly provided to them by constituents and various interest groups. Therefore, it is critical to put information in front of the Members of Congress that consider a specific issue a priority of their own.

As an example, since the previous Congress we have been tracking a bill known as the Hearing Protection Act of 2017. It has been reintroduced in this new Congress and can carry much more weight with the current environment on Capitol Hill and with the Trump Administration. With our unique data-driven strategic planning we have been able to follow each detail of the bill’s movement but most specifically could uniquely identify the key champions of this specific issue. While many firms may simply go to the committees of jurisdiction and conduct a basic blanket strategy to approach all Members on those committees, the McKeon Group has the unique ability to put together a detailed strategy that identifies certain Members not only on those committees, but others that have shown interest in the specific issue. Making these identifications is crucial to ensure that the issue has broad support within all the various factions of Congress. Once champions are identified we take a holistic approach to build support for the issue from a grassroots level and engage decision makers and advocates from the federal level down to state legislatures and localities when necessary.

In addition to having the resources and data operation to gain a full understanding of all Member’s stances on each specific issue, we are also able to track and follow relative conversations to any specific issue for our clients. As an example, it is important to see what Members of Congress are saying outside of certain bills and legislation being proposed, to give a full depth understanding of their position on the issue. That is why the McKeon Group has enabled itself to track all lawmaker’s conversations whether it be a speech on the floor of the United States Senate or House of Representatives, press releases, or on all their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. McKeon Group tracks each client’s specific issue to maintain a reliable and up to date understanding of where Congress stands on the specific subject. This allows McKeon Group to provide a detailed understanding of every Member’s views on every specific issue we are working on.

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