McKeon Group Makes Monitoring State Legislative Activity Simple

//McKeon Group Makes Monitoring State Legislative Activity Simple

McKeon Group Makes Monitoring State Legislative Activity Simple

Trends in public policy often begin at the local level and bubble up to state legislatures. When an issue draws enough public attention and Congress takes an interest, a federal law may be the result.

Businesses and organizations focused on using the policy levers to affect change or achieve a result recognize the important intersection of state policy making with federal. The activity around a policy issue within one or more states can help an entity know how strongly the public connects to or supports it and can be used to promote a policy on a broader scale.

According to the National Council of State Legislatures, all 50 state legislatures will meet in 2017. Some states meet annually, some meet biannually and others meet on cycles that include special sessions. Just consider in 2017 the sheer number of policy decisions that will be made across domestic affairs this year. It’s a staggering number to consider.  So, for entities that have mainly focused on federal policy, the task of monitoring state legislation can be overwhelming, even if it’s just for one issue.

At the McKeon Group, we understand the complexity of this monitoring task and are equipped to help our clients in their efforts. We have a team that is prepared to help clients who need to understand state legislative activity on one or more issues.

Furthermore, we can help orient clients to key state-to-federal legislative issues, will identify client opportunities, and even provide analysis on the intersection of state and federal policy. As a result of our efforts, clients have access to information that supports decision making about investments in time, talent, partnerships and other resources to increase both efficiency and productivity.

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