Chairman’s Corner: May 2017

//Chairman’s Corner: May 2017

Chairman’s Corner: May 2017

April was an exciting month for both the McKeon Group and our nation.

We have been bombarded with news surrounding a possible government shutdown for a number of weeks. The Members and Senators that we are in touch with assured us that it would not happen. We saw on Sunday that Congress was able to reach an agreement that will keep the government operating through September.

As I have stated in the past, the media thrives on fear. They will continue to highlight horror stories and ignore the work that is actually taking place.

It is no secret that it is hard to get things done in Washington. Our forefathers masterfully set up a constitution that would keep power in the hands of many, rather than complete power in the hands of a few. President Trump acknowledged this reality last week when he said that being President was more difficult than he anticipated.

Now, just because the President said his job was difficult does not mean that he is not up for the task. The media will lead us to believe that nothing will get done in the next few years. However, I have confidence in this administration. I am also confident that the members of Congress and the Senate will work together to find solutions to our country’s biggest challenges. Ultimately, I have hope for our nation’s future.

Right now in Washington, the sun is still shining and I believe things in this town will continue to be exciting.

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