Your Agency’s Budget Has Been Slashed. Now What?

//Your Agency’s Budget Has Been Slashed. Now What?

Your Agency’s Budget Has Been Slashed. Now What?

On May 23rd, the White House released its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY 2018). Although it is just a proposal, Congress uses this blue print as a starting point to develop its annual spending bills for all mandatory and discretionary programs. The discourse between Congress, the Executive Branch, and the public about how to spend federal dollars is now underway within a compressed timeline.

The House and Senate are required to reach agreement on all required appropriation bills before October 1st, the beginning of the new fiscal year. However, in recent years this has become increasingly difficult. Congress has relied on funding band aids, known as Continuing Resolutions (CRs), to keep the government running until a final spending bill (or separate bills) is agreed to and signed into law by the President.

While Congress debates the whole FY 2018 budget, you may be paying attention to a specific department’s budget – Defense, Education, Labor, Energy, Justice, Homeland Security, etc. In the President’s budget request, most agencies have taken reductions ranging from 12%-18% due to sequestration requirements and other additional cuts proposed by the Administration, with the goal of a balanced budget in 10 years.

Available federal funds for agencies remain constrained because out of the $4 trillion spent annually, President Trump has taken off the negotiation table nearly all the $2.4 trillion currently spent on Social Security ($940 billion), Medicare ($600 billion), defense ($600 billion), and interest on the debt ($270 billion). What’s left are the agencies that make up what is called non-defense discretionary spending. This means Congress must make some tough decisions.

For most, navigating the federal budget process is complicated and challenging. To be successful in any degree, it requires effective and resourceful representation. The
McKeon Group is the firm that brings to bear the experience, expertise, and unique ability to reach the power players in Washington. We strategically advise and assist our clients to:

Understand the Congress’ timeline and process
Develop a guiding strategy to influence legislative and executive branches
Create partnerships and alliances on and off Capitol Hill
Provide access to meet with key decision-makers

The McKeon Group is committed to helping our clients work with Congress to achieve desired authorization and appropriations outcomes. Our team will ensure your budget priorities make it across the finish line.

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