Chairman’s Corner: September 2017

//Chairman’s Corner: September 2017

Chairman’s Corner: September 2017

Following a trip to Arizona, my parents returned home with a dream. That dream was to open up and run a western wear store. My father had previously built up a grocery business with his brothers, but he was ready to take on a new challenge.

In 1962, my parents founded Howard and Phil’s. They would face tumultuous financial times. They put in countless hours of work to keep operations afloat. They sacrificed a great deal.

I would eventually join my parents in their efforts to grow their business. After years of hard work and overcoming a number of obstacles, those efforts started to pay off. Howard and Phil’s was not an overnight success, but eventually it grew to include 52 stores with over 500 employees.

I had the profound opportunity to watch as my parent’s achieved the “American Dream.”

I thought of my parents on Monday as our country celebrated Labor Day, a day that honors the American Labor Movement. To me, it also signifies the right we have in this country to work. We are fortunate enough to work in whatever space we choose. We all have the capacity to achieve our own American Dream.

That being said, these dreams do not come easy. There will be setbacks. It will take perseverance, courage, and hard work in order to see success. These attributes were applied when we started the McKeon Group and it is how we go about our work each and every day. And the best part of our job is helping others achieve their own American Dream.

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