The Ongoing Cyber Battle

//The Ongoing Cyber Battle

The Ongoing Cyber Battle

There is an ever-changing battle being waged across the globe, a cyber battle in which the systems and networks were not designed to handle. Initial developers did not foresee the hostile environments that would take place over these networks that they had created. These initial creators could not have predicted the capabilities of such networks or the many security problems that such an environment would produce.

Virtually every well-known cybersecurity intrusion or exploit began with an endpoint security breach. Although this is a widely-known statistic, most cybersecurity firms do not provide an authentic endpoint security solution. Why not? Because almost all the cybersecurity firms approach security from an “outside-in” or “top-down” approach, rather than a “bottom-up” approach.

The “outside-in” or “top-down” method is flawed because it uses the perspective of the hacker to create checkpoints and security above the operating system (OS) and once they are breached, they collapse and provide virtually no defense. The “bottom-up” approach takes the security of the system down below the OS so that no viruses or unwanted programs can operate.

Using the outdated “top-down” approach, (above the OS) enables low-level intrusions to bypass the kernel and bios system quickly. Antiquated antivirus and even more recent list-based solutions simply cannot keep pace with the quickly evolving cyber-threat landscape, and add significant latency and overhead to networks and computing resources, and are mere patches to the legacy fabric and an outdated way of thinking about secure computing. Again, they are treating the symptom of the problem and not the actual problem. The focus should be on creating solutions that immunize a system from the “bottom-up” approach.

It is time to start thinking differently about cybersecurity and focus on secure computing. Since it is known that the original computer systems were not developed with today’s cyber-connected world in mind, a ground-breaking and central change in the way computing resources are managed is required.

Innovative approaches to containerization, advanced white-listing, access control, and protection that sits below the operating system, are slowly being recognized and utilized to create next-generation endpoint protection to stop these advanced threats we see today.

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