Chairman’s Corner: December 2017

//Chairman’s Corner: December 2017

Chairman’s Corner: December 2017

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jennifer Griffin of Fox News. We were at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library attending the annual Reagan National Defense Forum, along with hundreds of our nation’s brightest and most powerful defense leaders.

In the interview, Jennifer asked me about the state of our military’s readiness. While I do my best to remain positive and hopeful in regards to our country’s future, the truth is we have some glaring issues that need to be resolved in order to strategically plan for and carry out defense measures in the event of an attack.

Following the interview, I was able to reflect on the work we are doing here at the McKeon Group. The 2017 year was an excellent one for our firm. We expanded our business by launching new branches of service, the most successful being our new education and workforce department. We were able to see progress and complete a number of projects on behalf of our clients within the defense, cyber security, agriculture and transportation industries. We hired talented and experienced professionals. We started an exceptional internship program. We expanded our offices.

As great as 2017 was for our business, my interview with Jennifer reminded me that there is still work that needs to be done. We could pat ourselves on the back for what our company has accomplished this year, but that does not move the work forward. Instead, it is time to buckle down and continue the good fight here in Washington.

I consider myself a blessed man to be surrounded by an incredible team here at the McKeon Group, but I also understand we must stay motivated in order to help further great causes. And in 2018, you will see the McKeon Group team doing just that.

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