Chairman’s Corner: March 2018

//Chairman’s Corner: March 2018

Chairman’s Corner: March 2018

I recently came across an article that has caused me to think about happiness. The subject matter was uplifting and something I believe is applicable and useful to all of us. The article, written by Travis Bradberry, identified habits of “supremely happy people.”

What Dr. Bradberry wrote has stuck with me because the research he conducted to produce this list of habits is something I have learned for myself to be true. Dr. Brandberry concluded that supremely happy people do each of the following:

  1. They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures.
  2. They exercise.
  3. They spend money on other people.
  4. They surround themselves with the right people.
  5. They stay positive.
  6. They get enough sleep.
  7. They have deep conversations.
  8. They help others.
  9. They make an effort to be happy.
  10. They do things in-person.
  11. They have a growth mindset.

Now, I understand trying to implement eleven different strategies for happiness may be overwhelming. I would argue that this list can serve more as a buffet, where you pick and choose what you want to focus on. There is no question, however, that these habits tend to radiate from happy people. There is no question that it is more enjoyable to be around happy people than unhappy people.

I have experienced failures and success in business and politics. I have passed through trials and lived to see the blessings that come from them. In my nearly 80 years of life, I can honestly say that I have experienced true happiness and joy. I believe that the happy times are in part due to applying these eleven habits.

I know I’m more motivated to choose happiness. The wise words of President Lincoln continue to ring true, “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

For more information on each of these habits, see Dr. Bradberry’s full article.

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