Fly-Ins: In-Person Advocacy Makes a Difference

//Fly-Ins: In-Person Advocacy Makes a Difference

Fly-Ins: In-Person Advocacy Makes a Difference

With digital communications permeating nearly every aspect of our lives and creating ways to feel continuously connected to news, points of view and people, it’s tempting to think that these simple connections just might be enough.  It’s appealing to think that all we need to do to influence the legislative process is to send a text, a tweet, post on social media or write a blog post; however, at the McKeon Group we live by the adage: “all politics is local” because it really is true. Regardless of who is in charge in Washington, DC, making the effort to meet in-person with key players in Congress and the Administration really does matter- especially if you want to advocate for and promote a new policy, or ask for a legislative fix. Planning to visit DC is imperative and we can help.

We believe our clients should meet regularly with members of Congress and their staff as well as Administration officials and engage in traditional “shoe leather advocacy”. Building personal relationships with decision makers is critical if you are serious about accomplishing your agenda. At the McKeon Group, we will do everything we can to make it easy and worthwhile.

As part of our commitment to success, clients can expect a full range of professional services that may include:

  • Strategizing policy plans and identifying priorities
  • Creating messages that will resonate with both Republicans and Democrats
  • Identifying champions and recommending key Members and Administration officials
  • Developing messaging materials and leave-behinds
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Securing meeting space and inviting Members of Congress to speak
  • Conducting training for Boards of Directors, executives and staff
  • Facilitating and providing follow-up to Congressional offices and officials

At the McKeon Group, our goal is to help clients cultivate long lasting relationships and generate bipartisan support to achieve lasting results. Please feel free to contact us to plan your next trip to DC!

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