Chairman’s Corner: April 2019

//Chairman’s Corner: April 2019

Chairman’s Corner: April 2019

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation. After nearly two years, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witness interviews and $25 million spent, the Mueller Report has officially been transmitted to Attorney General William Barr. The public and Congress have received a summarized version of key conclusions, most notably that there was insufficient evidence of obstruction of justice by President Trump.

A partially redacted version is expected to be made public in the next few weeks. There is speculation as to how much of the report will be subject to redactions. Attorney General Barr is scheduled to testify in both the House and Senate. It is also likely that Mueller will also testify but not to the same extent as Attorney General Barr.

Impeachment is still the goal of some House Democrats and Democratic presidential candidates, but findings from the Mueller Report have undoubtedly slowed the impeachment momentum. It seems that only a minority of the House is still working towards impeachment and with the Mueller report not supporting the cause, these members will likely turn to investigations into President Trump, his finances, family, former businesses, and administration in order to expose improprieties.

While President Trump is satisfied with the Mueller Report conclusions, there are still legal issues at hand. While he will focus on moving past the 22 month long saga, Democrats have a bigger challenge at hand. They have to tread a fine line in hopes of not alienating independent voters in the election next year. We saw that happen to Republicans when they pushed for impeachment of President Clinton in 1988. That impeachment process also turned off independent voters.

As for Russia, the Mueller Report found that Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election. With Russia’s new military presence in Venezuela and speculation that they will also be involved in the Ukraine election, the US will inevitably further sanctions against Russia. The Treasury Department will most likely impose the first of these new sanctions with Congress considering additional sanctions in the coming weeks.

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