Our Interns in Action

//Our Interns in Action

Our Interns in Action

National Museum of the Marine Corps Field Trip

Going to the National Museum of the Marine Corps was very eye opening, it was not like a normal museum it was so interactive. When walking through the museum you follow a timeline and, in each exhibit, you feel like you are experiencing those moments. Out of all the exhibits my favorite part was seeing the flag that was flown at Iwo Jima, during World War 2. That flag has been a famous piece of history and to be able to stand in front of it and take the whole exhibit in was breathtaking and something I will never forget.

Ashton Sigler
McKeon Group Research Associate

Congressional Bus Caucus

“This was a wonderful experience for me! After speaking with the electric bus manufacture, I learned that these electric buses are modeled after a Tesla. They leave almost no carbon footprint behind which is great for our planet. I wondered why these buses had not been implemented in every city across America by now. The answer to that is it’s because each bus costs about $640,000 dollars and not every city is able to generate the amount of power needed for these buses and its city at the same time. However, the buses save about $60,000 dollars a year so the bus will pay for itself!”

Kirstyn Dugger
McKeon Group Research Associate

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