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McKeon Group V.I.P (Versatile Internship Program)


The McKeon Group Versatile Internship Program (V.I.P.) is a program designed for college-aged juniors, seniors and recent graduates. V.I.P. was created to help prepare young individuals for the different aspects and roles of their future career paths; to work closely with students who desire to shape policy in Washington D.C.; and to gain a new and fresh perspective on government relations from the younger generation.

Interns perform many versatile tasks and work as a part of the McKeon Group team in a variety of ways including: business development, advocacy, marketing, and capital investment work. Students have the opportunity to attend hearings, think tank discussions, meetings with current and past professionals in the D.C. area, and work closely with a mentor on day-to-day activities.

Not only does V.I.P. result in vital work experience and real world applications, but our interns also have the opportunity to develop their professional network.

Preferred qualifications for interested individuals include: exceptional written and verbal communication skills, as well as an interest or major in government, public policy, or political science.

Candidates must submit a completed application form which includes a formal writing
sample along with a resume and cover letter. Once narrowed the candidates will later be selected for a phone interview.

McKeon Group V.I.P allows the McKeon Group to give back to the community, help educate future leaders, and stay connected with the next generation of policy framers. These qualified individual V.I.P. members bring broad thinking and more knowledge to create a wider body and a more diverse team.

The McKeon Group is excited to have a program dedicated to the next generation of policy leaders, and looks forward to hearing from you. Contact us or refer to our FAQ page for further clarification.  Click to apply now!