Legislative Associate | email

Brandon Beckham joins the McKeon Group, bringing with him a strong background in political affairs, campaign strategy, and digital media marketing. Brandon assists with policy areas in National Security, Education, and Workforce while spearheading Energy.

Born and raised in Southern California, Brandon and the Beckham family moved to Utah during his teens. In 2002, Brandon served a two-year mission in Mozambique, Africa for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was one of a handful of missionaries who assisted in the commissioning of a new Portuguese-speaking church mission. A few years later, Brandon returned to Africa for humanitarian efforts in mentoring students and building a national digital archive for the country of Namibia.

After finishing film school, Brandon partnered with a colleague to establish a successful media production company. As a producer and director, he worked on high-end productions for businesses, organizations, entertainers, and political leaders. Brandon was awarded best music video (Filmed In Utah Awards) for directing “Start & Stripes”, a country song dedicated to U.S. armed services members and their families.

Brandon carries a strong passion for our national welfare. In 2009, he founded a non-profit group, “Restoration of America,” to promote Constitutional education and civic engagement. Brandon was elected as a Utah state delegate three times, elected Precinct Chair, and elected to the State Central Committee. Brandon has consulted for many political campaigns including senatorial, congressional, and gubernatorial, and several state legislative and municipal races. Brandon was also the director for two major statewide campaigns that positively impacted Utah in the areas of immigration, election law, and constitutional rights.

Brandon graduated with a Master’s in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University and completed two undergraduate degrees at Utah Valley University, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Media and a Bachelor’s of Arts in American Government with a minor in Constitutional Studies. During his academic education, Brandon added federal government experience from two branches by working for Federal Judicial Center (agency of the Supreme Court) and the U.S. House of Representatives.