Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals, knowledgeable about the business and intricate aspects of governmental entities – across the federal, state and local levels. We also maintain an extensive record of success in the private sector.  Committed to a solutions-oriented approach, our overarching goal is to provide responsible and reliable services with proven results.

Our specialties lie within the defense, education and workforce arenas. This strength is derived from the in-depth experience of Chairman Buck McKeon, who, having served as Chairman of both the House Armed Services Committee and the House Education and Workforce Committee, maintains an accomplished record of enacting major legislative initiatives. The Chairman leads our charge, connecting clients with significant governmental players.

Our most recent expansion includes adding expertise to our education policy team so that we can provide clients interested in PreK-16 issues the services, insight and access to Congress and the Administration they need.

In this severely complex realm, results are only achieved through a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of the legislative process.  McKeon Group possesses over 70 years of combined experience working in Congress – indeed we know every facet involved with enacting legislation. Whether statutory law, committee report language or shaping the regulatory process, our team’s proficiency is borne out of an immersion in the legislative process.  Our experience is anchored by having a former Chairman and chief of staff for two key Committees on our roster – a key figure with an accomplished record of enacting major legislative initiatives.

Our clients enjoy superior service, made possible by our simple, yet effective approach: a focus on hard work and distinctive creativity. Our flexibility and responsiveness, complemented by our high level of expertise, position us as an invaluable asset to every client.  Although we are a newly launched firm, our experience in Congress and the private sector demonstrates our ability to achieve major client objectives.  Our reputation on Capitol Hill instantly commands respect, and the credibility associated with McKeon is unmatched in the industry.

McKeon Group is also proud to be involved with the Reagan National Defense Forum, a bi-partisan national policy forum where leaders and key stakeholders in the defense community address the health of our national defense.  As co-founders and organizers of this annual event, held at the Reagan Presidential Library, we’ve created a unique meeting of our country’s most influential minds.  This summit is a convergence of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Service Chiefs, CEO’s of major defense companies, congressional leaders, television and print media, and think tank leaders. This elite initiative illustrates the breadth of contacts our firm can bring to the table – a critical factor for our clients.

Our relationships with Capitol Hill, the Administration, and the entire governmental landscape is widespread, providing our clients a chance to state their case to key decision makers, both Republican and Democrat.  In our political atmosphere, it’s essential to identify key targets and frame the manner of argument that will deliver results.  McKeon Group is specifically designed to achieve these outcomes.

While our core strengths reside in the areas of Defense, Education and Workforce issues, we are adept at navigating the legislative process, well equipped with providing clients strategic advice on a host of issues that cover multi-committees in Congress.  Additionally, McKeon Group has a keen understanding of how to execute a broad public relations effort that can propel a campaign toward victory.  We recognize that messaging must not only entail direct contact with key decision makers, but must also be accomplished through targeted media efforts that help influence outcomes.