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McKeon Group has unique experience working on cybersecurity issues, which vary greatly between the public and private sectors. We assist our clients in approaching, educating and advocating their specific objectives and concerns to Congress and the Executive branch as it relates to cybersecurity policy and appropriations.

The importance of enhanced cybersecurity policies and regulations at the federal level, in addition to extensive media coverage of recent high-profile cyber-attacks and security breaches, have led many organizations in both the public and private sectors to focus more attention on cybersecurity. The heightened concern is justified and important as the result of failing to appropriately address cyber vulnerabilities can be extremely detrimental to the ability of a government or private sector organization to fulfill its duties and obligations.

In February 2016, President Obama implemented the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) that takes near-term actions and implements a long-term strategy to highlight cybersecurity awareness and protections, protect privacy, maintain public safety as well as economic and national security, and empower Americans and their organizations to take better control of their digital security. The President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) is the result of more than seven years of effort by the Obama Administration, building upon lessons learned from cybersecurity trends, threats, and intrusions. This plan directs the Federal Government to take new action now and fosters the conditions required for long-term improvements in our approach to cybersecurity across the Federal Government and the private sector.

McKeon Group knows how important it is for the private and public sector communities to work together when facing a serious cyber-attack and recognizes the government’s ability to help in such circumstances. Navy Adm. Mike S. Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency said it’s unrealistic to expect the private sector alone to withstand the onslaught of activity that is being directed against them by nation-states and other actors.

Summary of Service:

McKeon Group will work with clients to provide the following:

• Information 4 We keep our clients up to date on all cybersecurity policy related issues whether coming out of the Executive branch or Congress.
• Specialty – We make sure we are assisting clients in their development of comprehensive strategies in the form of approaching Members Congress, officials within the Executive branch or growing their business in another market.
• Influence – Help clients by informing policymakers of their priorities and objectives to achieve the most possible success.