We are uniquely positioned to help clients successfully meet, communicate and work with the new Administration and the 115th Congress on every education issue spanning early childhood, K-12 and higher education. Our skilled professionals are not only education experts, they are effective advocates for improvements with a track record of successful results.

McKeon Group’s practice in education focuses on improving educational opportunities for Americans at all levels of our education system. Our policy experience and procedural expertise encompasses legislation, appropriations, regulations and sub-regulatory guidance.

Our team also can help clients develop communications plans that effectively connect and integrate policy and advocacy plans to a strong communications and social media blueprint designed to support policy goals and when desired, strengthen brand and raise client visibility.

We start out by focusing on strategy to assure that our clients set clear and articulate strategic priorities. All successful legislative, regulatory and grassroots advocacy work starts with establishing a distinct set of actionable and measurable priorities. Next, we guide clients in creating strategic plans that include the targeted initiatives that identify opportunities and are most likely to generate impact and measurable outcomes. Finally, we focus on implementation and carry out every strategic plan with precision, and then we measure and re-calibrate where needed.

Summary of Service:

We have specific expertise in:

  • Early Learning
  • Literacy
  • Special Education
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Education Choice and Reform
  • Family Engagement
  • Adult Education
  • Teacher Training
  • Higher Education
  • Student Loans
  • For-Profit Career Education
  • Medical Education

McKeon Group Advantage

McKeon Group’s education team, led by Chairman McKeon experience in achieving successful bipartisan legislation has the expertise, contacts, and influence that will help our clients navigate the new education political landscape. Our success is solely focused on achieving results for our clients and we are relentless in our collective pursuit of reaching their goals.