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The International Government Affairs team at McKeon Group helps its clients shape specific regional and geopolitical conversations within the halls of Congress and at the most senior levels of the executive branch and White House.
We engage with multinational corporations, foreign governments, and major non-governmental organizations to promote and prioritize client’s goals and objectives with innovative strategic plans to reach the appropriate decision makers in diplomacy, development, foreign policy, and national security.

McKeon Group positions its clients to have a direct line to policymakers at all levels of the federal government ensuring that their voice is heard. It is our broad range of relationships that allow clients to highlight their specific issue(s) with U.S. Members of Congress and the Administration. We immediately broaden and raise client’s profiles within the legislative and executive branch to ensure their goals are achieved. McKeon Group takes the time to understand the needs and objectives of a client then carefully develops a detailed and comprehensive plan to engage policymakers.

We set up our international clients to work with the U.S. Government, American businesses, and organizations from around the globe. Our expertise helps guide clients through the Washington D.C. landscape to create and build upon long-standing relationships as they seek to grow and expand their influence. McKeon Group provides its clients with the insight necessary to have an authentic impact on the complex and dynamic climate of Washington D.C.

Summary of Service:

We have specific expertise in:
• Foreign Policy
• National Security
• Diplomacy
• Development
• Strategic Planning