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There are many specific issue areas that fall under the banner of Transportation & Infrastructure including; roads, bridges, tunnels, water projects, aviation facility improvements, pipelines, alternative energy vehicles, public utilities and railways that have all been greatly harmed by a lack of attention, modernization and investment in America’s infrastructure network. McKeon Group has influence with a wide-array of government organizations like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration and the appropriate committees of jurisdiction in Congress that provide oversight on these various issues.

The Federal Government and Congress play a critical role in the funding, development, oversight, and maintenance of the country’s transportation and infrastructure networks, systems and policies. Congress is also critical in shaping future transportation policy responsible for the revitalization and modernization of those networks and systems.

The United States faces a serious infrastructure funding problem and the way the Federal Government has raised money for highways and transits is now in free fall. The U.S. should be spending more to improve and expand infrastructure but rather it still falls short of enough to even maintain the existing system. In this current situation, states and localities have used their own tax mechanisms to fund various infrastructure investments and have become more open to using public-private-partnerships (P3s) to help take the budgetary stress from solely the public sector.

McKeon Group supports finding new innovative funding mechanisms to pay for many of the needed infrastructure projects in the U.S. We support the Federal Governments part in encouraging P3’s and are prepared to assist organizations to best formulate a comprehensive strategy in promoting such funding vehicles. In addition to supporting P3’s, we can provide a strategy to help localities and others receive federal credit assistance though the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) like direct loan guarantees, flexible terms, low interest rates to leverage private capital and financing for these various large scale projects.

Summary of Service:

McKeon Group will work with clients to provide the following:

• Guidance 4 We guide clients through the proper process to create successful public-private- partnerships and innovative financing to assist in these large capital infrastructure projects.
• Knowledge – Our understanding of the current policies and laws that affect transportation projects makes us well qualified to guide clients thought the legislative process to achieve success on their specific issue.
• Strategy – We work with our clients to setup meetings and build comprehensive strategic plans to approach the appropriate Members of Congress from various congressional committees of jurisdiction over transportation and infrastructure programs.